A Different Kind of Law Firm


Nathan Atkinson is not your typical lawyer and is unlike other attorneys you may have worked with.  Known for his creativity and tenacity, Nathan has been trusted to handle “bet the company” litigation for Fortune 100 companies, and has counseled individuals through life changing problems and tragedies.  However, he has done so by developing a creative approach to resolving disputes and a results oriented approach to litigation.  Although known as a tenacious litigator, Nathan approaches problems differently and understands “success” is defined differently for each client.

Like you or your company, Nathan understands that legal problems need to be solved as quickly, efficiently and as successfully as possible so that you can get back to focusing on the things that matter most to you or your company.  But Nathan also understands that the legal issue you are facing is likely the single most important issue you have in your life, demanding time and attention away from the other things that matter to you.

After almost 18 years of litigating complex cases throughout the country, Nathan took some time away from his prior practice of law to reflect, reevaluate his priorities, and carefully reinvent his practice to create a different kind of law firm experience for his clients.  His firm evaluates problems differently, finds creative resolution of difficult problems, and treats clients fairly and transparently.   

Nathan’s business model is pretty simple:

  • take an experienced, knowledgeable, focused lawyer;

  • eliminate the unnecessary overhead of traditional law firms;

  • utilize technology to maximize client return on investment; and 

  • charge a rate that fairly compensates him for his efforts (or allows him to share the risk of success with you, if the case warrants it.)